Dogs And Cats Are Great, But Wait Till You See What This Girl Has As Her Pet!

How often do you hear stories about an adopted raccoon? They are very rare, and this one will melt your hearts.


Kasey Valentine is a 24 year old girl who has had a list of medical conditions which cause her pain and have discouraged her from interacting with the outside world. She has stayed home for longer periods of time due to her condition, up until little Cody became a part of her life. She adopted the baby raccoon and shortly after found herself going outside more with him and spending time in activities she was previously reluctant to try.


There has been no doubt about the change and impact Cody has had on her life. She adopted him when he was just a baby and he is now a full sized raccoon.



She has had previous training in how to handle exotic pets so this was less of a nuisance for her. As a matter of fact, she was delighted to have a pet raccoon due to her fascination with these animals.


Although raccoons require a lot of care and attention, bonding with Cody has been no trouble at all. He is fun to be around and is bringing a lot of confidence to Kasey’s life.

And he has no trouble socializing with her other two German shepherds.


She hopes to change how people view raccoons and see that they can make great companions. Cody is certainly an example of that.

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