Real-Life “Up” House Stayed As Mall Got Built Around It


There was once a sweet old lady named Edith Macefield who loved her small home in Seattle, Washington. In 2006, developers were planning to construct a shopping mall in her neighborhood and offered Macefield a million dollars for the property but she did not want to uproot and relocate, so she declined the offer.

But we all know there’s no stopping progress and the shopping mall was constructed anyway. The construction crew proceeded carefully as to not disrupt Macefields tiny home. Edith’s fortitude and resilience against the corporate giant was a huge statement and quickly turned her little home  into an inspiration to many. So much so, that Pixar’s film “Up” was modeled after Macefield’s home.


Unfortunately, Edith Macefield passed away in 2008 at the age of 87 and left her house to Barry Martin, a construction chief that befriended her when Edith was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Martin helped her by through her illness and made sure she never missed a doctors appointment. Macefield was so grateful that she left her now famous home in his name.


Mr. Martin originally said he planned to turn her home into a memorial, but unfortunately he never followed through with those plans. The opportunist sold the home to a real estate firm.

The once inspirational home was now just a pawn in a scam and the company known as “Reach Returns,” fixed the property and collected a lot of investor money. The few restorations Reach Returns actually did complete abruptly came to a halt. The scheme was revealed and the investors watched as their once shining plan crumpled and their money was lost.


The lenders soon gained possession of the house through foreclosure and listed it for sale in March 2015. Due to the $170,000 price tag and the $300,000 owed in lien taxes, the home failed to sell. The house has now come up for sale once again and is available to the highest bidder.

The adorable little house thats tucked between towering corporate buildings is often adorned with balloons by fans of the movie “Up.” Here is a video of what the house currently looks like:

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