These Babies Stunned The Doctor, And This Is The Reason Why!

Amber and Levi’s dream was to take care of and love their family more than anything. The couple was very happy when they got their first daughter, and when they got their second girl they were just as proud as the first time. After some time, they determined that probably they’ve finished with having another child. But they didn’t know how wrong they were.

Without using any fertility remedies, this family was very surprised when Amber realized she was pregnant again. Just when they thought that they’re done with more babies, doctor informed mom and dad that they were going to have threesome.


And just when we thought that this was the most surprising part of the story, everybody was absolutely shocked when they realized that these three babies had one thing in common.

It will take a considerable work and some assistance but fortunately a companion of the family was sufficiently insightful to set up a GoFundMe acount to pay off hospital expenses. These mom and dad were going to do it all alone with no complaining or outside help; however they’re surely thankful for their companion for helping in such a way!


Look at these sweet baby’s faces!


Amber and Levi’s dream was having a family together, but after two baby girls, they decided to stop it there. Until the doctor told them to find a bigger room, because there were threesome on the way!


The chances of having threesome actually are entirely slim in any case. The babies came out through cesarean section and every one of them weighed precisely four pounds each. While positively a bit lighter than normal, they were all happy and healthy.

But, mom was fighting for her life. In fact, Amber died on the operating table, but was revived with the assistance of a blood transfusion. Thankfully, she is doing better now, but she almost didn’t make it.

But when you see her with her husband and the babies, you’ll see why she refused to give up. She wanted to stay on this planet and watch over her three baby girls!

All of a sudden, after the commotion was over, everybody saw something was odd about their children’s faces.

They were precisely the same! Identical threesome! The chances of something like this happening could be as high as 1 in 200 million.

While mom is as still recouping, her neighbors have come together to help raise funds for the entire family. Father needed to slow down at work just to stay aware of the family while Amber gets better, and with mounting hospital expenses, this ]family could positively utilize a bit of help!

For Amber, Levi, Remi, Rylan, Josey, Lilly and Norah there isn’t something much cuter!

Happy birthday to them and good luck to the family!

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