This Is What We All Should Do, In Case We Find A Tiny And Adorable Animal On On The Sidewalk…Like This One!

Here is an uplifting story that will bring a smile on your face. While walking on the street, Jeff Longo stumbled upon a baby southern flying squirrel. This is an animal native to forests of the Eastern part of the U.S., however if left alone in the state it was in would lead to a very grim future for it.
Luckily for the little flying squirrel (now called Biscuits), Jeff took it and started taking full care of it since.


The reason she was left all by herself is due to the fact that she had probably fallen out of her nest. Flying squirrels are very nocturnal animals and do not roam around during the day.


Upon researching the internet quickly, he started bottle feeding it with puppy formula and cream.


While the hopes were strong that she will make it, there was a huge risk. Being along without its mother at such a young age posed a huge risk.


Biscuits looking extremely cute


Jeff never allowed Biscuits to leave his sight, and brought her everywhere he went including his workplace.


Biscuits was opening her eyes and growing at a fast rate, even interacting with his pet dog on occasion.


He never allowed her to miss a meal or a cuddle.


Biscuits learning new tricks.


Here they are together. She has completely accepted him as her family.

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