We Bet You’ve Never Seen An Elephant Like This One!

This rare breed of an albino baby elephant has to be the cutest ting you have seen.

Pink Elephant

Catching a glimpse of an albino animal in the wild is extremely rare and almost never happens. Most cases of albinism in animals are recorded however this little fellow managed to get passed by since he was surrounded by his herd of elephants.

Animals with albinism could potentially be rejected from their herd but we hope this pink, adorable elephant won’t have that issue.

Pink Elephant

Amongst African elephants, finding an albino one is a very rare occurrence. But, thanks to photographer Nicki Coertze, who captured this while on a safari we are given a chance to witness this extremely rare natural phenomenon.

The albino elephant can be seen next to its mother and seems to be doing okay, besides blending in with the background in some of the photos. The baby elephant is charming all the viewers and is hopefully going to become a big and healthy member of the herd.

Pink Elephant

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