What This Guy Does For Cats In Syria Deserves A Medal!

In a country torn by war between many factions, there is little hope for the innocent civilians and let alone animals who are homeless. Yet, what Alaa is doing for these feline companions is something extraordinary.


When he is not helping these cats he is an ambulance driver. In the neighborhood where he resides, there are 150 or so cats that reply on him for food and care. He doesn’t only provide them with food but with care as well.


His work is definitely underappreciated, and due to the conflict it will likely not get any form of national appreciation. But people like Alaa are those that make the difference in our world and change the lives of those around him.


The cats wait in the same area every day for Alaa to come and feed them and spend time with him. This is no small feat and the world should know of his great efforts. Share this story with your friends.

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