New photo of legendary outlaw Billy the Kid hits auction. You won’t believe how many millions it sold for.


A rare image of old west legend, Billy The Kid

has surfaced in a California collectors stash and it appears he is poised to cash it in for $5 million dollars at auction. The last known image of Billy The Kid was sold five years ago for $2.5 million. After paying just $2 for the new photo,Collector Randy Guijarro may have hit the lottery with what has turned out to be only the second known photo of Western outlaw Billy the Kid.

The tintype which dates back to 1878, depicts Billy the Kid and several members of his gang (which had the coolest name ever) the Regulators, playing cricket outside a Lincoln County building.


The photo was apparently taken after a wedding.

For all you doubters, the photo has been authenticated by a photography expert and a facial recognition expert who has reportedly done work for the National Security Agency and the FBI.

Billy the Kid was also known as William Bonney. He is one of the most famous charachters of the American old West.  Though credited with at least eight murders he became a folk hero and an outlaw.

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