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MTV Veejay Jumps To Death In Front of Family!

Sam Sarpong a former model and MTV co-host, has died at age 40 after committing suicide. After a seven hour standoff with police, Sarpong died Monday after jumping off the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California. As

Cameron Diaz Marries Skull Tatted Troll!

Newlyweds Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden did date night, and flaunted a new art piece … on his cabeza. Madden and Diaz hit up The Nice Guy in West Hollywood Saturday night, and it looks like Benji’s

10 Movies Ahead of Their Time

Some movies come along and take us for a ride into the future, showing us what could be. But the future is not always so pretty, and sometimes what we think would be great turns out to

Celebrities That Vape

We recently reported about Leonardo DiCaprio using his vape pen at the SAG awards and we wanted to see who else in Hollywood uses the modern alternative to cigarettes (cigaweed?).   Samuel L Jackson    Katy Perry 

Kate Winslet And The Magic French Fry!

Leo Dicaprio was recently all over the news for the appearance of his vape pen at the SAG awards this past Saturday, and in that picture we notice in the background that Kate Winslet is eating a

Alan Rickman Has Succumbed To Cancer At 69

Everyones favorite villain, Alan Rickman, has died at age 69 from cancer. As super villain Hans Gruber in Die Hard, Rickman thwarted Bruce Willis before falling to his glorious death, sealing his legacy as a super villain.

20 Celebrities & Their Amazing Historic Twins!

You know how people always say that you look like someone? Well these famous celebrities have some serious dopplegangers! Check out the gallery and make sure you see the Jennifer Lawrence one…WOW! Matthew McConaughy & Civil War

Why Johnny Manziel Sucks: Reason 1,567,295

If we didn’t already hate this spoonfed little prick enough for his “above the rules” attitude already, the Bro-faced ass bender has added a few more marks in his already less than impressive ledger as a pro

Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll – RIP Lemmy

Lemmy Kilmister died. While everyone is shocked and sharing their favorite Lemmy images(Bastards! Most of you never even liked Motörhead)and talking about how sad they are, we are remembering the drug doing, alcoholic womanizer rock-god-asshole that was
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