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9 Signs You’re A Bad Employee

If you live by your own rules at work, you’re not going to remain employed for very long. Confidence and self-esteem in the workplace can go a long way. Too much of either, though, and you may

Netflix and Chill Taken To Another Level

  How many times have you sat down with your cuddle buddy to do some hardcore binge watching but, instead, 30 minutes goes by and your still trying to decide watch to watch. Flipping through endless titles

Do You Have The Smartphone Pinky?

No that’s not a new sexual term that you’ll find in the urban dictionary. Smartphone pinky is that a potential deformation on your pinky that you would get by holding your smartphone all day every day. There

Learn How To Groom Your Dog

Preparation Have a dedicated grooming area: it helps the dog to understand that it isn’t play time. First you need to detangle: start from the end of the hair and work into the tangle. A small pair

5 Ways to Banish Belly Fat for Good

If you have problems zipping up your pants these days, your visage may be hiding visceral abdominal fat, which pads your organs and increases your risk of a number of devastating illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer,

9 Ways to Impress on a First Date

The first date is your one (and only) chance to make a first impression. If you want to make sure that impression is a good one, you need to prepare carefully. Here are 9 sure ways to

Redecorating the Kitchen

The kitchen should be a focal point of your home, not a source of embarrassment. If you are tired of looking at the same old kitchen, there are some proven ways to make it look like new.

Are You Ready to Start a Family Blog?

With virtually most of the people you know online, it makes more sense than ever to rely on the internet for communicating with those you love best–your family. As family members grow and move on to start

10 Books Every Man Should Read

The following fiction and non-fiction reads will not just entertain you; they have the potential to strongly impact your life with their unforgettable messages. If you’re guy who likes to read, be sure you check out these

10 Tips for a Great Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a lot of fun for both couples and their guests. If you have been invited to a destination wedding, you may have turned the opportunity into a great mini-vacation. If you are planning a

Becoming an Entrepreneur at Midlife

The economic crisis that occurred in the middle of the last decade created a trend that is still gaining momentum. That financial crisis caused a lot of large corporations to cut payroll; however, the traditional model for
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